The Portland Group

Customer Loyalty Reward Program: Power Points 2021

Qualification Requirements/Terms & Conditions:

  1. Earn 1 point for every dollar purchased during each month of the program, which is effective from March 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021.
  2. At the end of the program term, you will earn 1 bonus point for every $1 that your purchases during the program period exceeds the purchases for the same time frame in the past year.
  3. The monthly award of points requires that a minimum net purchase (excluding freight and tax) is equal to or greater than $3,500.
  4. The A/R status of the account cannot have more than 10% of the total balance exceed the over-60-day column and the account cannot be on credit hold in order to be awarded the monthly point value earned.
  5. Points cannot be redeemed until a total of 50,000 points has been accumulated.
  6. To participate in the Power Points Program, the account cannot be paid with the use of a credit card during the active point accumulation months of the program.
  7. All points must be redeemed by January 31, 2022; any unused points will be lost.
  8. To participate in this program, no other program for a customer can be active.
  9. If sales are behind last year’s value by more than 10%, points cannot be redeemed.
  10. Commercial accounts with special priced job bids as the majority of their business are exempt from the program.
  11. The points earned in the program are not transferrable to any other company or party. Your login for the website for review and redemption of points will only be accessible through your e-mail as the user ID and whatever password you choose on your initial entry.
  12. A W9 must be provided at enrollment and the participating company will receive a 1099 if the redemption value of points equals or exceeds the value of $600.